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5116 Johto Sidequest

Cpt. Jeck Spearow Pirate Quest

" In this guide we show you a walktrough for the Jeck Spearow Pirate Questline. -Johto E4 Complete -High Level Pokemons ( 65-75 Suggested...

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1244 Johto Sidequest

Bike Johto

" In this guide we show you briefly and concisely how to get the bike in Johto -"Shift" to use the bike -Unlock Goldenrod City ...

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4699 Johto Sidequest

Lake of Rage weekly

" The Lake of Rage in PokéOne is flooded every Wednesday as well as in the original games and offers a mini event where you can pick up some useful items. Find...

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6050 Johto Sidequest

Bug Contest

" In this guide you will find all information how and when you can participate in the Bug Contest. Location:Goldenrod Route 35 top left ...

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Lapras weekly Event

" In this guide you will find all the information on how and when to catch Lapras. -Lapras can be found every Friday from 10am GMT/UTC to Saturd...

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