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Tides of Time/The Silver Wing Quests

" In this guide we'll show you how to complete "The Tides of Time" and "The Silver Wing" quests which reward the Tidal Bell and Sil...

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The Kimono Girls

" In this guide we'll show you how to complete the Kimono Girls quest in Johto.

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Life Orb

" In this guide we'll show you how to obtain a free life orb, a useful held item which increases the power of attacking moves by 30...

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Item Remover

" Info: The Item-remover is the only possible way to retrieve a held item from Pokemon without destroying the item.

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Item Maniac

" This guide is about all the informations we could gather about the Item Maniac. You can sell various valuables like nuggets, star items and ...

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Ev Spots

" In this guide you will find the best places for ev-training. We'll list the places and Pokemon you need to defeat down below in this guide.

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