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PokeOne Community Kanto Sidequest

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359 Kanto Sidequest

Kanto League Rematches

" In this guide you will find everything you need to challenge the Kanto League again. - Requirements: You must have...

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2598 Kanto Sidequest

Kanto Coin Case

" In this guide we show you how to obtain the coin case in Kanto. -Celadon City access ...

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4425 Kanto Sidequest

The Other Side

" In this guide we will show you how to do The Other Side questline -Rock Tunnel Completed -Access to Lavender Town ...

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14184 Kanto Sidequest

Root Of Evil Quest

" In this guide we will show you a walkthrough the Root Of Evil Quest. Requirements: -Kanto E4 Complete -High Level Pokemons ( 65-80 S...

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3213 Kanto Sidequest

Bike Voucher

" In this guide we show you briefly and concisely how to get the bike in Kanto -"Shift" to use the bike -Won against Misty ...

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