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  • PokéOne Tester Interview with Phime
Writer Admin at 2018-03-25 at 4:42 AM 1

Rising Phoenix: What was your first impression?

Phime: The 3D graphics were overwhelming and make maps more realistic and give the game a overall nice layout. Besides that, the slower general game speed gave me a nostalgic feeling because the game seems to focus more on a good game experience with eg. the story instead of pure "farming character".

Rising Phoenix: With what kind of problems were you confronted in PokéOne?

Phime: A new story mostly different to the one from original games was suprisingly challenging because there were no guides and stuff which lead me to an experience i remember from my older days when i used to figure out the next steps in story myself. Besides that the game brings back a leveling / grinding character cause in order to finish the story there is no way around powering up your pokemon. Another point i want to mention here is the communicative aspect the game provides. There is no "I do a boss" but a "we do a boss". Although this problem most likely will be solved once the game is open for more then tester.

Rising Phoenix: How much time did you spend in PokéOne?

Phime: In total i spent aprox 100-120 hours in the game

Rising Phoenix: What was your biggest surprise in this game?

Phime: For me quite suprising was the fact that even after finishing the story and training my pokemon I wasnt able to beat the Ash boss alone. Even when i teamed-up with Zephixis we werent capable of winning every time.

Rising Phoenix: Did you play alone by your own or in a group?

Phime: I played the story all by myself but then teamed-up with zeph for ashe boss and mewtwo later.

Rising Phoenix: Did you test every feature like battle in groups or?

Phime: I tested every feature from group battles with 3-4 people over the game corner to the whole story and the bosses. I only yet havent tested johto.

Rising Phoenix: Did you play PRO before?

Phime: yes i did

Rising Phoenix: What is your biggest change in comparison to PRO?

Phime: The biggest difference for me is the slower game speeding going along with the higher spawnrates for rare pokemon.

Rising Phoenix: What do you think about the new graphics?

Phime: vgl "first impression"

Rising Phoenix: Anything you'd change before release?

Phime: The leveling after story is kinda hart when the only possibility is to do monotone daily quest. I hope for an alternative to gain xp but im positiv alternatives will be implemented

Rising Phoenix: What is your biggest wish for PokéOne?

Phime: My biggest wish for the game is to bring people a community feeling like other games do. I want the game to force people to work together in order to beat bosses / raids or what ever.

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