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  • Cpt. Jeck Spearow Pirate Quest
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In this guide we show you a walktrough for the Jeck Spearow Pirate Questline.

-Johto E4 Complete
-High Level Pokemons ( 65-75 Suggested)


1) Jeck Spearow quest is found in Johto right below Route 32 Pokemon Center

2) The Npc you need to react with in order to start the quest is located in a house in Johto Shipyard. To reach the shipyard you need to go south of the Route 32 Pokemon Center and turn right passing through the check point and entering the last house on the right.

3)While being inside of the house enter the left door this will take you to Cpt. Jeck Spearow

4) Interact with Cpt. Jeck Spearow to start the quest, after talking and exhausting the dialogue of the npc you will have to go to the deck of the ship to start your adventure!


1) While on the ship your first quest will be to find Medic Mary in order to do that you must first enter the door on the Main Deck

2) This will bring you to the Ship Galley where you will continue going down by taking the stairs

3) After going down the stairs you will end up in Ship Deck 2. Continue going down until you reach Ship Deck 1. Once you reach Ship Deck 1 walk towards the end of the hall and enter the door on the left. While being inside interact with Deck Hand Paul

3) He will tell you that Medic Mary is on the Main Deck so head back to find our lady!

4) Medic Mary will tell you to report to First Mate Mike which then will initiate the quest called The Curse in order to find Mike you will have to go Ship Deck 2 and enter the last door on the right

Rat On Board

1) While Interacting with First Mate Mike he will say there is a rat onboard and that he requires evidence from Crew Quarters which can be found on Ship Deck 1 and 2

2) During your investigation you will meet Shifty Pete while talking to Shifty Pete use the following answers in order to find the evidence located in his room:
"Who are you?"
"Sorry, I should not have asked."

3) Bring back First Mate Mike all the clues you have found and proceed to the Ships Cargo Hold to find Shifty Pete and Cook Kingsly

4) Your next job will be finding Crowsnest Kev which can be located in the Main Deck

5) After that head on down to the Ship Galley to find Master Duncan
which will open a new quest sending you to QuarterMaster Gibbs who will send you to the Ships Cargo Hold to find his key which got snatched by a rat!

6) While down in the Cargo Hold you will need to defeat a few wild rattatas for it to appear on a box after it appears just follow these easy steps to catch him (:

7) After the Ratatta has been defeated go and give Mr.Gibbs his key back. After giving him the keys you will find a secret passage in Ship Deck 1 in the first door on your left enter and react with a cupboard on the far right corner to reveal the secret passage

8) Once you are inside the secret passage continue till you reach a room with Shifty Pete! While inside that room take the book on top of the desk and get out of the room by the ladder... Oh no the exit is blocked! welp back to Shifty Pete oh he cleared the room and found an exit!

9) After you get out of that situation you need to go report to First Mate Mike about whats going on

The Final Confrontation

1) First Mate Mike will send you to talk with Cpt. Jeck Spearow about Smee's missing diary

2) While Interacting with the Captain choose the options:
"I found Smee's missing diary"
"Yes, and he seemed scared of you."

3) After Cpt. Jeck Spearow leaves the room explore around and read the "Note to Captain"

4) After reading the note continue to search for Cpt. Jeck Spearow in First Mate Mike's room and then continue to the Main Deck where you will need to talk with Boatswain and ask whats happening

5) After Smee gets booted off the ship R.I.P Smee :( go and report the incident to First Mate Mike. He will go to confront the Captain after hearing what happened and you need to follow him to the Captains Room.

6) Battle Cpt.Jeck Spearow after you have won go up to the Main Deck and talk to Quartermaster Gibbs

End Of A Journey...

1) Finally you can leave the ship go and interact with Crownest Kev

2) Go and talk with Smee in the house of Mystery Island

3) Once you are outside talk with First Mate Mike.. Oh no Jeck Spearow has escaped we need to find him again! more... ∨∧
This is a daily quest you can start each day by talking to First Mate Mike

4) Afterwards, find him on the Island....

5) He cant be far away... He will be around those locations

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