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  • Root Of Evil Quest
Writer Wheelz at 2020-05-15 at 9:26 PM 1

In this guide we will show you a walkthrough the Root Of Evil Quest.

-Kanto E4 Complete
-High Level Pokemons ( 65-80 Suggested)

Let The Cleansing Begin

1) The Root Of Evil Quest is located in Kanto in Cerulean Valley which you can access by surfing north of Route 10

2) To initiate the quest you need to interact with a npc named Assistant Arnie after interacting with Assistant Arnie you need to go to Cerulean Valley Retreat and meet Nurse Jan.

3) After being done with Nurse Jan return to Assistant Arnie

4) Once you are done talking with Assistant Arnie you will need to go and talk with Scientist Shelly.

5) When you are finished talking with Scientist Shelly Assistant Arnie will require your help to build a bridge which you will need 10x logs which you will be able to find on the ground

6) You will also need Rope which you can obtain from Fishmonger Frank by doing a quest for him which revolves around fishing Magikarps for him in Cerulean Valley Bay. You can choose between 10/25/50 fish to catch. You can catch fish by either using a Old/Good/Super Rod or by Surf. Catching the fish is optional you can also just defeat them and it will add to your quest. more... ∨∧
You can talk to Fishmonger Frank to do this quest every day after the main quest has been completed

7) After obtaining the Box Of Rope you need to go back and give it to Assistant Arnie so he can finish building the bridge.

Journey To The Lighthouse..

1) After finishing the bridge you need to find Scientist Shelly in Cerulean Ruins

2) After finding and talking with her you will need to go back to Assistant Arnie which you need to walk by the bridge and find him standing in Cerulean Ruins Site 2

3) Once you exhausted the dialogue of Assistant Arnie you need to go to Cerulean Ruins Site 3 and you should find the note towards the bottom of the map. After taking the note go towards the right and enter the Cerulean Lighthouse while Inside you need to find and talk to Supervisor Samual

4) After talking with Supervisor Samual you need to go upstairs and read a book about Electricity

5) Once you have learned the required information move down the stairs and find Assistant Arnie at the end of the corridor.

6) After you done talking with Assistant Arnie you will need to go and speak with Keeper Jim which will give you a quest to collect Batteries which are located in boxes. Once you have acquired 10 batteries return Keeper Jim.

7) After delivering the batteries go to the room where you first found the book about electricity and talk with Assistant Ernie after exhausting his dialogue you can finally leave the Lighthouse.

In To The Depths Of The Ruins...

1) Once you are out of the Lighthouse you will need to go and enter Cerulean Ruins Site 1 and enter the Cerulean Ruins where you found Scientist Shelly earlier and go out the second exit.

2) After that enter into the Cerulean Tomb Entrance

3) There you meet Arnie and Shelly

4) Here you will find 6 sculptures which you need to activate them in a sequence of : I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII Then the gates of Cerulean Evil Tomb will open ( 7th switch is on gate)

5) After entering you will have to step on 3 buttons

6) After everything is done The Root Of Evil will appear... Good luck you can choose between hard and easy difficulties. The hard one gives you more exp and money

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