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  • Field Harvest
Writer Wheelz at 2020-05-21 at 12:15 PM 1

In this guide we show you a walktrough for the Field Harvest Quest.

-Vermilion City Access
-Repels if you want to finish it quickly.
-Can be done everyday after daily reset.

Harvest Time

This quest is located in the Kanto region just South East of Vermillion

To reach it you will need to follow the road below of digletts cave. Once you have entered the route keep going down till you see a turn to the Right

After you reach the Cornfield enter the house and talk to Farmer Jerome who will give you the quest

After you received the quest you will need to collect 17 corn cobs. Luckily for you we have them all highlighted here.

Once you have collected all the corn return to Farmer Jerome to get your prize.

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