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  • Easter Event Spawns
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In this guide we show you all the Pokémon you can catch on the routes and caves in the Easter event

-Many of the Pokémon in the Easter event drop items that we do not list here. From berries to metalcoat, many items can be found with the Wild Pokémon
-Every Pokémon listed here as a Normal spawn has a Gold Bounty, Headbutt or Pokémon from Torches do not count.

Woodland Garden:
Pic Pokémon Time Method Rarity
Pidgey Day/Evening Grass
Beedrill Morning/Night Grass
Furret Day/Evening Grass
Alola-Grimer All Day Grass
Hoppip Day/Evening Grass
Vulpix Day/Evening Grass
Oddish Day/Evening Grass
Sandshrew Night Grass
Venomoth Night Grass
Dugtrio Night Grass
Golem Night Grass
Rhydon Night Grass
Natu Day/Evening Grass
Noctowl Night Grass

Vivid Flowers:
Pic Pokémon Time Method Rarity
Alola-Marowak Night Grass Epic
Girafarig All Day Grass Uncommon
Ponyta All Day Grass Uncommon
Teddiursa All Day Grass Common
Phanpy All Day Grass Common
Gligar All Day Grass Common
Persian All Day Grass Rare
Trumbeak All Day Grass Epic
Ledian All Day Grass Common
Slaking All Day Grass Rare

Meadow Heights:
Pic Pokémon Time Method Rarity
Alola-Vulpix All Day Grass
Hitmonlee All Day Grass
Hitmonchan All Day Grass
Tauros Day/Evening Grass
Yanma Night Grass
Eevee All Day Grass
Miltank Day/Evening Grass
Gengar Night Grass
Cleffa Night Grass
Bunnelby All Day Grass

Loch Duskdale
Pic Pokémon Time Method Rarity Notes
Aipom Day/Evening Grass
Golbat Night Grass
Alola-Raticate Night Grass
Ariados Night Grass
Clefable Night Grass
Arbok Day/Evening Grass
Butterfree Day/Evening Grass
Primeape Day/Evening Grass
Plusle Night Grass
Murkrow Night Grass
Lunatone Night Grass
Minun Day/Evening Grass
Alola-Rattata All Day Grass
Magikarp All Day Surf
Goldeen All Day Surf
Tentacruel All Day Surf
Poliwag Day/Evening Fishing
Shellder All Day Fishing
Staryu All Day Fishing
Gyarados All Day Fishing
Lapras All Day Fishing
Chinchou Night Fishing
Qwilfish Night Fishing
Remoraid Day/Evening Fishing
Barboach Night Fishing

Rabbit Hole:
Pic Pokémon Time Method Rarity Notes
Alola-Rattata Night Cave Epic
Zubat All Day Cave Common
Alola-Geodude Day/Evening Cave Epic
Golbat All Day Cave Common
Lunatone All Day Cave Rare
Mawile All Day Cave Uncommon
Solrock All Day Cave Rare
Mankey All Day Cave Common
Clefairy All Day Cave Rare
Nosepass All Day Cave Uncommon

Pic Pokémon Time Method Rarity
Slugma All Day Torch
Cubone All Day Torch
Haunter All Day Torch
Dunsparce All Day Torch
Loudred All Day Torch
Onix All Day Torch
Sableye All Day Torch
Salandit All Day Torch
Rockruff All Day Torch
Tyrunt All Day Torch

Headbutt (On all Easter Routes are the same Pokémon)
Pic Pokemon Rarity Method
Bidoof Common Headbutt
Shinx Common Headbutt
Whismur Common Headbutt
Plusle Common Headbutt
Numel Common Headbutt
Burmy Common Headbutt
Linoone Common Headbutt
Swablu Common Headbutt
Minun Uncommon Headbutt
Cherubi Uncommon Headbutt
Ralts Rare Headbutt
Jangmo-o Rare Headbutt

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