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  • PokéOne Tester Interview with Chappy
Writer Admin at 2018-03-25 at 5:05 AM 1

Rising Phoenix: When did your testing phase begin?

Chappy: Somewhere in September, I believe, right about when the public discord was made.

Rising Phoenix: What was your first impression?

Chappy: Pretty much guess that I was both surprised and disappointed. Surprised because the game just looked amazing and brought a new game in our sight. Dissapointed because a game had to be given up and forgotten which many have worked on (and I'm talking about Pokemon Revolution Online) for this to rise.

Rising Phoenix: With what kind of problems have you confronted in PokéOne?

Chappy: Aside from actual bugs in the game, didn't actually face any issues in there, aside from some conflicts with the testers here and there, but that happens when you put humans with different opinions in a place.

Rising Phoenix: How much time did you spend in PokéOne?

Chappy: I can't honestly remember, but given I have 4 accounts with almost finished story, I'd say quite a lot,
especially since I'm a heavy bug searcher.

Rising Phoenix: What was your biggest surprise in this game?

Chappy: In real life, I am a software developer, so can't say I was surprised by any technical features.
But if I were to say about one thing, I do admit I was quite impressed by how much time and devotion the
staff has put in the game itself.

Rising Phoenix: Did you play alone by your own or in a group?

Chappy: I am quite a social person, so if anything, I'm always going towards doing everything in a team.
Most of the time I end up doing things alone, since there are not that many features that need to be
tested in a group.

Rising Phoenix: Did you test every feature like battle in groups or?

Chappy: That was the very first feature I've actually ended up testing, since it was something new to the Pokemon world.

Rising Phoenix: Did you play PRO before?

Chappy: Does being an admin for PRO count? If yes, then maybe.

Rising Phoenix: What is the biggest difference between PokeOne and PRO in your opinion?

Chappy: Definitely the fact that you can PVE and PVP alongside friends. Moves, abilities and these kind of stuff can always just be coded, but being able to literally enjoy the game with your friends puts one above the other.

Rising Phoenix: What do you think about the new graphics?

Chappy: A breath of fresh air after this whole monotonous 2D environment that's been out there since pretty much the first game that was released, and I'm talking about MMOs, not the actual Handhelds.

Rising Phoenix: Anything you'd change before release?

Chappy: It's too soon to talk about that, since features and content are constantly at all times, and maybe some of my wishes are already on the staff's to-do list. So if I put something down here, it could be as well already added or changed in the game, so I'll refrain from writing anything at this point.

Rising Phoenix: What is your biggest wish for PokéOne?

Chappy: My wishlist for any Pokemon MMO was pretty much always the same, and it had 3 elements:
• A very good global trading system (or auction house, however you want to call it) with plenty of filters so I
could be able to find my desired Pokemon in no time.
• Constant development for both content and game itself.
• Staff to be really close to the community and adapt upon their wishes, a game can only go on if it pleases its community.

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