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  • PokéOne Tester Interview with Syrup
Writer Siver at 2018-04-26 at 8:44 PM 1

Personal questions

Rising Phoenix: How old are you and where are you coming from?

Syrup: 26 years old, hailing from Scotland, United Kingdom

Rising Phoenix: How long have you been in the Pokémon universe and what games did you play?

Syrup: Started with the card game, then played Red Version, followed by Yellow version from there on out.

Rising Phoenix: What will be your focus in PokéOne. Will you focus on PvP, collecting, trading or do you play just for fun?

Syrup: My Focus will be mostly on PvE content, as well as running through the story multiple times (I am a bit of a story addict).

Rising Phoenix: How did you get to pokeone?

Syrup: Through word of mouth from previous Pokémon communities in the Pokémon MMO world.

Rising Phoenix: Where is your favourite place and which place do you think is the prettiest designed? Please add a picture as well.

Syrup: My favourite place by far has to be Goldenrod City in Johto. The sheer volume it speaks to the player when you first step into it is second to none. All the houses, the little alleyways intersecting with each other and the vibrant colours really make the place feel like a proper city.

General questions about PokéOne

Rising Phoenix: What was your impression within the first 15 minutes?

Syrup: I think if I had to put it in words, it would have been rather overwhelming at the time. I hadn't long joined the discord channel and was just getting to know the game from outside of testing. With the words of one of my friends that recommended I get tester, to actually being made tester all within a short period of time, stepping into PokéOne was just really awesome; Always has been.

Rising Phoenix: What do you think about the graphics? You consider them perfect or is there potential for improvements?

Syrup: The graphics are fantastic and the developers have done a really good job at refining their editor to make something that is really spectacular. Compared to other fan-made Pokémon MMORPGs out there, it is second to none. Is it perfect? There is no such thing. There will always be room for improvments, no matter how small it may be.

Rising Phoenix: What do you think about the battle system in point of structure, appearance, functionality and entertainment?

Syrup: I am pretty satisfied with how everything works so far. As of this interview (24/04/2018), we are still waiting for stuff to implemented like animations of specific moves. These will only add to the entertainment that is currently in place (which is currently awesome). To point out, I am very happy that almost every move and ability is working, all up to date with Generation 7 mechanics, and will be ecstatic when it is all complete.

Rising Phoenix: Did you try out the multibattles yet and if yes what was your impression of those?

Syrup: Done plenty of multibattles within PokéOne and I have to say, I am happy with how it all works. Much like any other multibattle in the different Pokémon games, they all work in the same way. What sets this apart is the graphics in which you view the multibattle and I am sure it will look much better in the future with the move animations implemented.

Rising Phoenix: Do you think the trainers and gymleaders are balanced? Are they too weak or too strong?

Syrup: I have always been one that favours much more difficult playstyles. In my opinion, they are not strong enough to my own playstyle. Not to say that the gymleaders and trainers are out of balance, because for the casual player the way it works is well suited, which in turn is making new players to the Pokémon experience as a whole much more welcome than some other title(s).

Rising Phoenix: How much time have you spent in pokeone?

Syrup: Too much! Since I have been here since November, I have pretty much been on everyday, with a small break nearer the beginning of this year. There is only so many times you can run through the story before you burn yourself out. Testing is hard!

Rising Phoenix: What was your best experience so far?

Syrup: My Best experience so far was surely the day I got given a Phantump to test out on PokéOne as it is my favourite Pokémon, along with Trevenant (which it evolves too).

Rising Phoenix: Are there any wishes you have for the game or anything you would still change?

Syrup: If I have to wish for one thing, it is the implementation of much, much harder content. We know at this point that "raids" will be a thing in PokéOne. How they will work is a different story. I really hope they make it challanging where a decent amount of grinding is needed to do it. As long as they don't implement Time-Gate Content, I am a happy guy!

Rising Phoenix: What do you think about the planned flying map?

Syrup: It is ambitious to say the least. I am no developer, but I think it will be a hard one to pull off. Very much looking forward to how it will pan out! If it doesn't work, that is fine by me, since I am very much a "click this city" and boom, there you are type of person.

Rising Phoenix: What problems did you face during your testing and what things did you report?

Syrup: I have faced a wide variety of problems in PokéOne testing, from script errors that would stop you from progressing, to finding exploits that may or may not have shot up one of my characters to trainer level 100! There is always stuff to find and report in the game, and the list grows. As for what I have reported, there is too much variety to pick one at random.

Rising Phoenix: What do you think can we expect from Pokéone and how will it have to keep the players entertained over a long time?

Syrup: You will experience Pokémon as you always have but a much more "enhanced" version of it. There are multiple ways to play through the game, such as the co-op system they have in place. As for keeping players entertained over a long period of time, that really depends on the type of person you are. There will always be those who get bored much more quicker than others and it is a challange to keep everyone on their toes for different things. Not that there isn't enough content, but some individuals don't like to do daily quests and expect things handed to them. Tough question that one.

Rising Phoenix: Have you played alone or in a party during your testing? What was your experience with the partysystem?

Syrup: I very much prefer playing alone rather than a party. With the current party system (which is good, for the record), the encounter rates essentially increase. It goes off individual player steps, rather than the party as a whole. This means, that I will get through Virdian Forest much faster than someone in a party of 2 or 3. It doesn't suit to my playstyle to have an encounter every minute. But alas, repels are always an option, it just means you have to splash out a bit.

Rising Phoenix: What do you think about your boxing system in point of appearance and functionality?

Syrup: I will say as it currently looks and functions, it is great. Looks clean, tidy and above all else, it is very easy to use. Players should have no trouble at all using this.

Rising Phoenix: Have you tried beating the bosses across the map yet and how were your experience with those?

Syrup: I have faced all the bosses that are currently in the game, and although when you first go into the battle blindly not knowing what to expect, it can be quite a shock. But with a little training and stratagy, beating the bosses can be quite easy. What I like about the bosses is the fact that they all scale each time you beat them, increasing by 1 level each time you beat them or so. Still looking for something much harder though.

Thanks for the interview! If anyone has any questions, feel free to PM me in the discord under the name Syrup.

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