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  • PokéOne Tester Interview with RunaScarlet
Writer Siver at 2018-04-27 at 8:42 PM 1

Personal questions

Rising Phoenix: How old are you and where are you coming from?

RunaScarlet: I'm 27 years old and live in the Netherlands.

Rising Phoenix: How long have you been in the Pokémon universe and what games did you play?

RunaScarlet: The first pokemon game that I owned was pokemon silver. I remember that I could play it for hours and never get tired of playing it.

Rising Phoenix: What will be your focus in PokéOne. Will you focus on PvP, collecting, trading or do you play just for fun?

RunaScarlet: I really like that you can play this game as a team. When the game releases I will definitly do a duo playthrough through the regions.

Rising Phoenix: How did you get to pokeone?

RunaScarlet: On youtube I saw that RuffledRowlit was playing the game. After that I joined the discord channel and met a lot of great people there.

Rising Phoenix: Where is your favourite place and which place do you think is the prettiest designed? Please add a picture as well.

RunaScarlet: My favourite place is the park for bug-contests because I really enjoy the music there. I also like the trees in mahogany town and that every pokemon center has its own unique design.

General questions about PokéOne

Rising Phoenix: What was your impression within the first 15 minutes?

RunaScarlet: Everything is so pretty. And I can customize my character. Hope they add tons more of costumes for character and bikes.

Rising Phoenix: What do you think about the graphics? You consider them perfect or is there potential for improvements?

RunaScarlet: There is always room for improvement and the staff really listens to feedback about the game. You can really see that the team put a lot of effort in making the game look so great.

Rising Phoenix: What do you think about the battle system in point of structure, appearance, functionality and entertainment?

RunaScarlet: I really like that you can team up with other players and have double- and triple battles. The battle backgrounds are nice and you can even rotate the camera to get a better look at your pokemon or those of the opponents.

Rising Phoenix: Did you try out the multibattles yet and if yes what was your impression of those?

RunaScarlet: It's nice to team up with someone and even battle together against other player.[i/]

Rising Phoenix: Do you think the trainers and gymleaders are balanced? Are they too weak or too strong?

RunaScarlet: [i]Witney is still as strong as ever. I like if games are challenging and I don't mind if they added some more difficulty to gym leaders like giving them a team of 6 pokemon.

Rising Phoenix: How much time have you spent in pokeone?

RunaScarlet: All the free time I had between life, sleep and other games.

Rising Phoenix: What was your best experience so far?

RunaScarlet: I Really liked the double metronome tournament we held among testers. It's something I wish to see aswell when the game releases.

Rising Phoenix: Are there any wishes you have for the game or anything you would still change?

RunaScarlet: It's not a problem now but I hope that for every new region there is a smooth transition in arriving there so that I can leave my old team behind and start fresh with a new team.

Rising Phoenix: What do you think about the planned flying map?

RunaScarlet: It already looks so amazing. can't wait to test it out and get myself stuck somewhere on the map.

Rising Phoenix: What problems did you face during your testing and what things did you report?

RunaScarlet: In the beginning I found it hard to find bugs that weren't already found and reported. Nowadays I try to break npc's, get past guards and obstacles that should block you from progressing, See if I can walk into colliders, and look for text errors.

Rising Phoenix: What do you think can we expect from Pokéone and how will it have to keep the players entertained over a long time?

RunaScarlet: I think that pokeone has the potential to get really big. even if you finish the game there will always be something to do in pokeone. There are now 2 regions and more will come. There will also be enough to do for PvP and end-game stuff.

Rising Phoenix: Have you played alone or in a party during your testing? What was your experience with the partysystem?

RunaScarlet: I played a small part of the game in a party. The party system works great. If you plan on doing a duo run through the game it's fun that you really think about the moves that you use and learn to your pokemon.

Rising Phoenix: What do you think about your boxing system in point of appearance and functionality?

RunaScarlet: The boxing system is simple and easy to use. Personally I would really like it if I could change box appearances like in the original games.

Rising Phoenix: Have you tried beating the bosses across the map yet and how were your experience with those?

RunaScarlet: I tried some and I failed some. To be fair I was way underleveld for most of them when I tried them. But I liked the challenge.

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