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  • Pokeone Mac Guide
Writer Siver at 2019-05-24 at 7:43 PM 1

This guide will walk you through setting up P1 on a Mac. To play P1 on a Mac you will need to use a Virtual Machine (VM).

Please have a brief read of this article to understand what a VM is and how they work.

The VM we will use is called VirtualBox

Setting up VirtualBox
1.) Download the OS X version of Virtual Box and install it
2.) Open Virtual Box
3.) Click 'New'
4.) Type in a name for your VM
5.) Under 'Type' go to Windows
6.) Under 'Version' select Windows 10
7.) Click 'Next'
8.) Under 'Memory Size', click 'Next' (use the default value)
9.) Next menu will be Hard disk, click 'create a virtual hard disk now'
10.) Click 'Next'
11.) Under 'Storage on physical hard disk', click 'Fixed Size'
12.) Click 'Next'
13.) Leave these settings as default and click 'Create'

Setting up Windows 10 in your virtual drive
1.) Download the 64bit windows 10 iso file to your desktop via one of these sites
- Official site:
- Direct download: click here
2.) In VirtualBox click on the VM you have just created
3.) Click run
4.) On the right of where it says 'Empty' click the small icon
5.) Navigate to the Windows 10 iso file on your desktop and select it
6.) Follow the instructions for Windows
7.) Open an internet browser and download 'p1setup.exe' from one of these site: click here
8.) Install P1 and run it
9.) Create your P1 account and enjoy!

Credit to Nick [Caesar] and Boredaholic

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    Thanks for the tutorial, but sadly windows 10 didnt open on VB :(

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