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  • PokéOne-Staff Interview with Rusty
Writer Wipesbild at 2018-05-31 at 7:41 PM 1

Personal question:

Rising Phoenix: Where does your fervor for Pokémon come from and what fascinates you about Pokémon?

Rusty: Raticate and Squirtle. Raticate cause he can use many moves like water cannon. he is Versitile.

Rising Phoenix: How did you become a member of the PokéOne staff team? Have you known Shane before and did you work together?

Rusty: Well Yes you could say I have known shane all his life lol. Im his Father in real life

Rising Phoenix: What is your certain part in PokéOne staff team and can you give us some examples of your work?

Rusty: Yes I am the Mapper and modeler of all the environments within the game. All the maps that ware created in the game are custom designed but based on the originals.

Here a example video.

Rising Phoenix: What was the most difficult task during the making of PokéOne or what did you struggle most with?

Rusty: hmm good question. Not so much hard but anoying. would be placing grass model on the ground as this is done 1 at a time.

Rising Phoenix: How many hours did you spent in PokéOne, what is your favourite place and what is your favourite function within the game?

Rusty: Well I have been working on PokeOne for 2 years now so in game time would refect that.

Rising Phoenix: Will we see you as a player after the game is released or do you focus on the staff part ?

Rusty: Yes I play as well I have 2 Accounts 1 Admin the other a game Account

Questions about PokéOne:

Rising Phoenix: Most important question first: When will it be time for us to get into the world of PokéOne? Do you think summer is an imaginable date or is there still too much to do?

Rusty: I get Asked this 1 alot. I cant say but soon

Rising Phoenix:What is special about PokéOne compared to other pokemon MMOs and what makes it better?

Rusty: Well Co-op play with 2 other friends in a party and work together to progress. PVP so up to 3 vs 3 with 4 Spectators. Quest based system. And This is most likely the only actual MMO with these aspects.

Rising Phoenix:What will keep the players sticking to the game for a longer time?

Rusty: There will always be new content added and regions. As all regions are planned. We currently have all Pokes upto Gen7

Rising Phoenix:Are there any other surprises waiting for us in PokeOne?

Rusty: Hard to Say I dont do Content

Rising Phoenix:Where do you see PokeOne in 1 year?

Rusty: Hmmm I will leave this 1

Rising Phoenix:Are there regular events planned besides season events like Chrismas or Halloween, which details can you give us at this point?

Rusty: There will be many things. We have plans for alot. but will announce when closer

Rising Phoenix:Will all gen 7 Pokémon be catchable from the beginning, if not which are catchable from release?

Rusty: All Poke are ingame at present. As Kanto and Johto are complete so other poke will be able to be caught from there region. Also ther are Megas and Z Moves.

Rising Phoenix:Do you have any wishes yourself which won't be done before release?

Rusty: Sleep

Rising Phoenix:What is missing to complete PokeOne before release?

Rusty: Ahhh Secrets

Rising Phoenix:There are rumours about a fly map, what information can you give us to that?

Rusty: Yes there will be a fly map. It can now be seen in the login screen of pokeone

Rising Phoenix:Dungeons also should be part, what exactly can we expect from that and is it an event for parties or larger guild groups?

Rusty: ah again there are plans but you will have to wait and see.

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