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Deutscher Bereich
Allgemein PokéOne
Alles rundherum um PokéOne findet hier seinen Platz.
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Anime Manga
Hier könnt Ihr schöne Bilder aus dem Anime oder Manga rein posten.
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Alles außerhalb von RP oder PokéOne kommt hier rein!
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Spieler vs Spieler
Hier ist der deutsche Bereich für PvP.
3 0 Anything goes showdown team
2018-05-23 at 2:24 PM
from Octalon
Hier könnt Ihr euch ja kurz vorstellen. Alter, Name, Spielzeit, Ziele...
4 6 DasFantatier
2018-11-27 at 10:56 AM
from Siver
English Area
   » General PokéOne
   » Game Talk
All about PokéOne.
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   » Guilds
Introduce ur Guild here or if u search member or a guild here is the right place for it.
1 3 DarkFuture nun auch in PokéOne
2018-07-26 at 5:48 PM
from Siver
   » Introductions
Introduce ur self here.
1 3 LeoWPereira is here
2018-06-06 at 12:20 AM
from StereopwnZ
   » Player vs Player
All about PvP. Teams guides small and deep talk here!
2018-08-25 at 9:55 PM
from TiltingSenpai
   » Creative Zone
   » Pictures
Show us ur selfmade pictures here!
0 0

   » Videos
Show us ur selfmade videos here!
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   » Off-Topic
   » Anime and Manga
Here can you post all about the Manga & Anime.
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   » General Off-Topic
Anything non RP and PokéOne related has his place here.
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   » Hardware and Software Area
All content about hardware and software finds here his place.
2 3 GPU too high
2019-03-01 at 10:52 AM
from Shane
   » Music and Video
Here can you post us ur cool music and videos.
1 1 Ani PvP videos :)
2019-04-22 at 1:06 AM
from Siver
Trade Zone
Buying Pokémon
Here can you post the Pokémon ur seaching.
0 0

Buying Shinys
Here can u insert Shinys u want to buy!
0 0

Selling Pokémon
Here can you post all the Pokémons u want to trade or sell.
0 0

Selling Shinys
If u want to sell Shinys here is the right place!
0 0

Service / Items Shops
Here can u buy and sell ur service or items.
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Here can u find all small and big tradeshops.
1 0 Rising Phoenix Guildshop
2018-09-24 at 7:12 PM
from Siver
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