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    Hey everyone

    Me, my gf and some freinds started playing a few days ago. Im started playing this game like 2-3 years ago. I went for using keyboard/mouse and the others went for controller.
    If we battle together it feels a bit clonky clicking on the monsters instead of using keys. If you play with keyboard/mouse its not a big thing, but as controller user its a little annoying to switch to your mouse and select the target you want.

    So my first question is:
    You can select your attacks with keyboard/controller without using the mouse. Why can't we select the monsters we want to attack the same way?

    I know there are some programs you can use to control your mouse via your controller, but it would be a nice QoL improvement to make the pokemons targetable without using the mouse. I mean you can even create a script with AutoHotKey which looks for specific locations or spots to auto target the positions so you dont have to manually move your mouse to the monsters.

    My 2nd question is:
    If we are 2-3 ppl in a party and we fight a trainer with only one pokemon: Why can we select the outer spots instead of only that pokemon?

    Yeah i know, there are some attacks that you can use on your teammates pokemons, but what is the point in using tackle on your friends pokemon other then trolling him? (lol)
    Wouldn't it make more sense to autoselect between enemy pokemons(hopefully not via mouse) and only give the option to "attack" your friends pokemon with attacks that would have a use like "helping hand"?

    Besides the coop "clonkyness" the gameplay and the game itself feels pretty smooth for me without major gamebreaking bugs.

    PS: I apologize for my english and I hope you get what im trying to say. Vote for Trading Center and may corona not hunt you down.

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