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    Hey guys

    I've been playing the game for about 2 weeks and i got some questions:
    - ¿can you catch mewtwo?
    - ¿can you fight a boss with a friend?, ¿how it works?
    - About Shinny pokemons, they appear anywere in the map or there is a special condition?
    - ¿how can you get masterballs and in what pokemon should i use it?

    Thanks in advance

  • PokéOne Community Webmaster
    PokéOne Community Webmaster
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    -Mewtwo is a boss in PokéOne u cant catch him. All legendarys with more as 600 base stats are nor catchable
    -yes u can fight bosses with friends
    -shinys can appear anywhere, the chance is 1/4096 u can increase the chance with a shiny buff to 1/3277
    -ug get Masterballs from plythroug of the regions and if u are lucky out of the boxes, or in trade chat for around 15k - 20k

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