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    I was grinding in party with my friend and we have spotted a weird dependence. To wit, the experience our pokemons get differs depending on the pokemon and we have no logical conclusions on what does it depend on. My friend's Swablu (lvl 20) gets the same exp amount as my Kadabra (lvl 20). When my friend switches to his Alakazam (lvl 22), he gets less experience than my Kadabra. If I Switch to Gastly (lvl 25), I still get more experience than his Alakazam but when I change my pokemon to Togepi (lvl 19), for example, I get the same amount of experience as his Alakazam. So, if it doesn't depend on evolution stage and also doesn't depend that much on level, where comes the difference in exp amount from? I will put in that there's no distinction whether we are grinding solo or in party, the amounts still stay the same.

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    i have no idea i will ask the developer

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