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PokéOne Community News

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Halloween Event is Released!

The Halloween event was released today. We can now go to the Halloween Map. A huge event that will include 4 big mainstories, with many hours of content. New Pokémon that can only be caught in this event can all be found here in the News!


Pokeone Update Halloween, Pvp and even more!!

Today, PokéOne has given us another update. Most of it goes to the Halloween event that starts on October 1st. But there were a lot of other things that were new and improved like update on PVP features, new clothes, new mounts and more. You can find out what has been added here in the news.


Sevii Island Trailer & Peak Stream

This weekend we had the honour to present the Official Sevii Islands Trailer on our stream. For all who missed it you can watch it here. Furthermore there will be an event with Peak on Sevii Island.


Unova Hunting Event

Greetings to my fellow PokéOne Community. We're finally back after a hiatus. Sorry for the inconvenience as I'm sure everyone knows that 2020 is a tough year. Many things had happened around the world but i would rather not get into those details.


New function NPC Database

Hi folks, as some of you already know we are working on a NPC database and try to fill it with all the important information. And then link this NPC with our other information to show you all the information as easy as possible.


PATCH NOTES 2nd of June 2020

The development team around PokeOne have uploaded a new update on June 02, 2020. There are some changes to keybindings and some small corrections and new features. In this news you can read everything about the new update.


PokéOne Community new advertising partner

Hello folks we have to inform you that we have added advertising to the homepage. We have added Google AdSense. We hope that the homepage will pay for itself. Since over the years a small mountain at cost has resulted.


Guild function on the homepage reworked.

Hello my dear community, Octalon had a little time again and continued to work on the homepage. He took a look at the guild function on the homepage and reworked it.