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PokéOne Community News

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Happy Easter

Today the Easter Event was announced in PokeOne. In Kanto, Johto and Unova 16 Alolan eggs will be hidden (5 in kanto, 5 in johto und 6 in Unova) which have to be found. It should start on 11.04.20 and run until about 14th or 15th.


Unova PvP Ladder opened and the latest updates.

We've got some great news again for you. The Unova Pokémon can now be used in the PvP Ladder! There have also been some rule changes. The Rare+ Buff will now increase the Egg drop chances on all Unova Egg's. Furthermore, 2 new small quest lines have been released in Kanto and Johto in the last weeks.


Little Spring Giveaway

Hello dear community we have again prepared something for you. Today we have a giveaway and you can win Charmander timid Solar Power and Bagon Jolly Sheer Force. We spared no effort and farmed for hours just for you. Here in the news you can read more!


Kanto and Johto Starter Event

From now on it's possible to catch the Kanto and Johto starters in a daily event. You'll find the new zones inside the new area of Battle Frontier. The Park. The starters you'll find are tradable!


Unova is published!!!!

UNOVA was published. Players who are level 80 or have donated something in the past can now start a new adventure in Unova.


PokéOne Unova Trailer

We have the honor to present you the official PokéOne Unova Trailer. Here you can see the first impressions of the new region. We wish you a lot of fun.


Christmas Event is Open

The Christmas event has just started and this year PokéOne presents us again with a great event. Many new maps with extra Event Pokémon which we can catch. A huge questline to play through daily bosses and more.


Android Version Live and New Windows Client

There is a new client for PokéOne. The old client has been replaced by the last revised Test Client. In addition, the Andriod version is now live and can be downloaded by all users at any time.