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PokéOne Community News

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Preview on more move animations.

Today we got some more animated attacks and of course we want to share them with you! The attacks Trick Room, Fire Blast, Sword Dance and Flamethrower. Read more to see more.


Preview of Move Animations in progress.

A new channel on the PokéOne Discord was created today, which shows more insight into the work of the PokéOne Dev's. The name is "#Work in Progress" and can be found under the categorie "Games in Development". There will be shown smaller and greater leaks about PokéOne. Also there are already some. The Dev's are working on the attack animations to create more diversity...


A new tourney and caster projecet Mountain Tourneys

A new project for your entertainment has been launched. The entire PokéOne community can be excited. Peak has founded a tournament and casting project with a small team: the Mountain Tourneys . They are bursting with experience in Pokémon and want to offer you a great experience. If you want to see excitingly cast matches with a good amount of humor, you've come to the right place. For the start, organize MT also directly a big tournament in the UU Tier with huge prize money under read more you'll learn more.


Updates of the last two weeks.

Hello Pokeone Players! We at Rising Phoenix have gone quiet in the last few weeks and we apologize for that, we needed a small break. However we are back on course and happy to be involved in the community again. A lot has happened with some huge updates which will go into in further detail below. PvP ladder and Battle frontier has brought more exciting end-game content for players and we look forward to future updates.


Rising Phoenix Guild close his doors.

Hey guys,
we're very sorry to announce that we will disband our guild after a lot of consideration. The guild has been quite inactive over the last few months, while the guild-staff hasn't been able to focus much on the development of the guild. Sadly we don't find the time to work simultaneously on our website and on the guild.


Battle Frontier is out, new items in Boxes, Patchnotes and more

In the last days of PokéOne a lot has happened, the Battle Frontier is now opened for everyone, the reroll-system has changed and we got new tutors. The games moves will be based on Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon within the next update. This and much more can be found out about in these news.


PokéOne Battle Frontier Sneak Peak!

Today we got a closer look into the upcoming Battle Frontier update. There will be new obtainable items, tutors and tm's. Many challenges are ahead so lets give you the rundown!


PvP is out!! and Patchnotes 13/03/2019

The Pokeone Team just released a new update with some nice changes included, which will surely please a lot of you guys! This includes the PvP Ladder, which enables us to do 1vs1 and 2vs battles. The top 10 players will win Mew.