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Wipe for Open Beta: Come play!

So it's on! The Server got wiped for open beta and the game's now available for everyone!


Link: PokéOne Client

Tester interview with Elijah

After a while we did an interview with long-term tester Elijah for you. He took his time and answered our questions. Have fun while reading it!


Link: Elijah´s Interview

Last PokéOne Client Updates

The open alpha is still going on and everyone who wants to join can join NOW. Besides this were many bugs found and were negate. More about this under read more.


PokéOne Alpha server stress testing

Today, Saturday 23rd of June PokeOne will start an alpha stresstest for their server and invites all to join.


Security update for the RP Homepage

We decided to improve the safety technology at our homepage. Unfortunately you need to reset your password.


PokéOne is almost ready for release!

Get ready and try to use your holiday or get some days off work, an awesome journey awaits you - soon. PokéOne is nearly released and Rising Phoenix is pretty sure that PokéOne will join the Open Beta at the end of this month.


Client Update and infos to PvP

Today's been a client update to comfort us players. Besides we asked Shane a few questions about PvP.


PokéOne preview: Fly-map

The PokéOne-team teased a video for the upcoming flying-map and flying-system today. It looks awesome, click "read more" for more information.