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PokeOne Server issues lasting almost 20 hours 20th to 21st of July

Server issues lasting almost 20 hours that resulted in multiple outages, script errors and players being told to play at their own risk.


**Update** International Tournament by Streamer Kuschopath

Dear Community, the streamer Küschopath hosts a big international community tournament on sunday at 5 pm ( gmt+2/utc+2) on our homepage and you are all invited.


Link: Twitch Kuschopath

Pokeone 6 hour Maintenance leads to API changes and Server Stability

PokeOne underwent a maintenance that lasted 6 hours on the 15th and 16th of July. This maintenance brought some much needed server stability and API changes. There were other changes but they weren't noteworthy.


New Staffs and Mods in Rising Phoenix

We are growing bigger and bigger everyday therefore we are in need of more Staff to help us build up and improve all departments.


More Pokeone Changes for the 12th of July

The Devs of Pokeone have released a new patch on the 12th of July that has fixed various problems and bugs. Along with the bug fixes comes many UI changes and new features to improve game quality.


Latest PokéOne update from 7. and 10. of July

A bigger patch has been released on 07.07. and 10.07. Among various things, several bugs have been fixed and a few new features have been added. In addition to this, the casino is open again.


Casino closed!

Some players used scripts to cheat and caused the casino to close. The cheaters were send to jail.


**UPDATE**Latest Client Update

The servers of PokéOne get a restart and a few of updates. Under READMORE u can read all Patchnotes.