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Unova Hunting Event

Greetings to my fellow PokéOne Community. We're finally back after a hiatus. Sorry for the inconvenience as I'm sure everyone knows that 2020 is a tough year. Many things had happened around the world but i would rather not get into those details.

We are happy to announce that our Twitch Stream for PokéOne Events is finally awakening from its deep long sleep. Meaning, we are officially back once again and would be making more events in the upcoming future.

We will first start off a PvE Hunting Event similar to back in the days but slight of changes as for now to warm it up. It will be held in various places in the Unova Region. Yes! Our latest region launched recently this year.

If you are wondering how or have no access to get to Unova Region, the methods are still the same. Either you have your trainer level up to 80 in either Kanto or Johto or, you may always donate any amount as small as 1.99 Euros in the Loot Box section in-game to gain access.
What you need to know
  • Each Pokémon with the Ability, Nature and Location will be announced individually after one ends.
  • Once reached at the location with a given point of time before commencing, we will start a timer for hunting(which may vary).
  • Once you've caught the Pokémon, you'll need to contact the Streamer and they will give you your reward. (The difference from previous ones which is, we may have more than 1 winner per hunt as we are going by timer for this event. And as usual, Shinies will get a better reward.)

Notes to take -
  • If already caught the same Pokémon on the day itself before the event and still use it to present for the prize or using multiple accounts to part-take, will be immediate disqualified and banned from all events in the future together with all your other sub accounts. And yes, we have all the tools to track every single detail, so don't bother trying your luck.

Lastly, we would like to invite everyone to join us in this event and most important of all, lets have some GOOD TIMES and FUN together! Not to forget, there will also be Giveaways during the Stream

Date and Time
30th August 2020, 0000 HRS, (12AM) GMT + 2 (Germany)
30th August 2020, 0600 HRS, GMT +8 (Asia)
30th August 2020, 0800 HRS, GMT + 10 (Oceanic)
29th August 2020, 1800 HRS, EST
29th August 2020, 1500 HRS, PST

Venue - TBA in Stream. (We may also gather in Nuvema Town before it starts.)
Prizes - TBA on the day itself.


You have a week from now to consider.
- If you don't have unova access.(you won't be able to join this event)
- If you don't have unova progress done.(you won't be able to fly/travel around)

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