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Sinnoh is the next region!!! + Trailer

This is great news, the most anticipated remake of Pokémon ever is now in Pokéone. Sinnoh has been announced as the next region for PokéOne by Rusty!!!!

The PokéOne team are currently working on Sinnoh. They have just started but want to finish and release it in 2021!!! The story of Sinnoh always reminds me how much fun it was to play Pokémon. Lots of new Pokémon that we haven't been able to catch yet. Which in any case will perfectly mix up the PvP meta.

Of course I asked Rusty if we could include some of his own impressions in this news. He allowed us to create a small sneak peek trailer. Have fun watching it!

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  • 2021-02-23
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    Will there bet the hideout feature? with puppies and trophys that my friends can visit? Ü_Ü

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