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Christmas Art Content

As we close another year of PokeOne, we enter another festive season - and with it our annual Christmas Art contest.

Mikan :
“Winter is here, yes it is that time to year and it is time to cheer, cheer, cheer! Time to place the air around you to one ear and listen for Santa's premiere, to be crystal clear. Laying in bed, waiting in glee for the waking world to disappear, to slumber peacefully and thankfully until mornings frontier.. the day of days, Christmas is - oh but wait! WAIT and I must listen.. do I mishear? What is this? On this very night I feel that it is not unclear but.. is that reindeer? I now shed a joyous tear.. TRULY and THANKFULLY Santa has not forgotten me this year! But what is he bringing me? No.. it is no matter because he is here and that is what I hold dear. He brings me what I love most, my most treasured souvenir... a magical end to another great year.”

When entering your ‘Picassos’ and ‘Michaelangelos’ into the art contest this year please use the entry form and abide by the rules set by Mikan


  1. All entries must be appropriate for all ages
  2. All entries must be in theme *see below
  3. All entries must be entered no later than January 6th
  4. All entries must be original; tracing and using images found online is not allowed and may result in your loss of entry
  5. All entries must be sent to Mikan (Mikan#5333) and include your ingame name and discord name (but does not need to be on the artwork), this will make it easier for me, thank you
  6. Entries from alternative accounts is also not allowed, when caught this will lead to disqualification, this means one entry per person
  7. There will be two prize pools, one for digital art and another for non-digital, please indicate which prize pool you will be entering
  8. Each person can only enter into one of the prize pools, so please choose carefully which medium works best for you

Theme : This year I am hosting the art contests a little differently for Halloween and Christmas, the theme this year is simply Pokemon Christmas. You do not need to use an area from any events this time so please let your imagination run wild.
Please try your best to include more than just a pokemon in your image, the more detailed the image the higher your chance to win (Background scene, foreground, ect).

Below is the prize pool allocated for this year:


1st Place: 3,500,000
2nd Place: 2,500,000
3rd Place: 1,500,000

Prize Pool total: 7,500,000


1st Place: 3,500,000
2nd Place: 2,500,000
3rd Place: 1,500,000

Prize Pool total: 7,500,000

Total prizes Non-Digital & Digital : 15,000,000

Last year we saw PokeOne’s artists craft some spectacular entries into the 2021 Christmas Art Contest. Here are last year’s Digital and non-Digital winners:

Digital: Xuaum

Non-Digital: Chumboy52

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