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PvP is out!! and Patchnotes 13/03/2019

2019-03-13 at 11:19 AM - Psytap
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The Pokeone Team just released a new update with some nice changes included, which will surely please a lot of you guys! This includes the PvP Ladder, which enables us to do 1vs1 and 2vs battles. The top 10 players will win Mew. !

This update includes:
- The Ignore list is saved on the server, so it no longer needs to redone each time when joining the server again.
- The UI now includes a Hot-bar where you can select four items to use hotkey 1-4 so that you can use these items more easily. To select it, just drag the item into the respective box.

- The guildmember-count is shown now, so there is no need anymore to count the members one by one in roster.
- The healthpoint percentage of opponents' Pokemon will be shown in PvP-battles.
- You'll now have the option to hide/ show your username on screen.
- Peple that suffer from epilepsy kann now turn of the flash at the start of a battle.
- Battle Points have been added to the move tutor window.
- You will now be prompted a confirmation window before using some items. Example: Buffs.
- Bonsly has been fixed so taht you won't just see a set of floating eyes.
- "Extra Gold has been added as an option for the donations.
- You can now reset password with email address, if you can't remember your username.
- There is now an AI implemented in some trainer battles, which should replace randomly selected moves. It still needs some testing though.
- Pressing the Key 'I' will now toggle your inventory.
- Pressing the Key 'M' will now open your map.
- Pressing the Key 'L' will now toggle your quests.
- Pressing the Key 'O' will now toggle the Social window.
- Pressing the Key 'P' will now toggle the PvP window.
- Pressing the Key 'K' will now toggle the Pokedex.
- Pressing the Key 'Y' will now toggle the Achievements window.
- Pressing the Key 'T' will now toggle the Stats window.

With this version, trainer, you will also notice that a BETA VERSION of the RANKED PvP has been added.
---Please note that THIS IS A TEST VERSION FOR PVP RANKED until further info.--
- There are two game modes/play styles to choose from (1vs1 and 2vs2) during this test for the ranked PvP system, and is merely to tested for potential bugs.
- More game modes will be added as time goes, with multiple rule sets, restrictions, challenges and anything else as the system supports the existence of custom game modes.


- The PVP system has its own daily quests that you may complete for lootboxes, pokédollars, etc., which can be completed regardless of your PVP knowledge and skills.
- You can keep track of every ranked match you have ever done, for any game mode. With such, you can see the outcome of the match, how long it took to finish, what Pokémon you (and your opponent) brought and which ones fainted.
- You can visually track your PVP progress for the last 30 days on a plotted line chart.
- You can see detailed statistics about your PVP battles for each game mode.
- You can check out a leaderboard for both Users and Guilds for each game mode, sortable by multiple stats to your own liking.
- You will now get rewards based on what rank you place or what percentage of players you're inserted in every day, week or month.
- Three types of PvP rewards are redeemable: daily, weekly and monthly. Rewards can be anything from items, pokémon, gold, money, clothing, mounts, etc. (with the possibility of adding more unique rewards in the future too!).
-Note: For said rewards, it is important to specify that your rewards will be increasingly higher with your player level. For a 1000 gold reward, a level 5 player would get the full 1000 gold reward, whereas a level 100 player would, instead, receive 2x the reward (2000 gold).
- You see the most used Pokémon, moves, abilities, natures, most defeated Pokémon, and others, over a specific set of time chosen by you.
- Note: if you are in a party with someone.. and you both click play for the 2v2 ladder, you will be matched on the same team

As a small extra note, the developers would like to add the following:
" The PvP system is very detailed, and we hope you like it, and understand that being just released for testing, it still needs to be trialled in the real world so we can tweak it, fix things, as it goes along, and then add more game modes
It may look a little complicated at first, but one of us will probably do up a detailed guide on the whole thing soon once it's perfected."

About Ladder Ends and Leaderboard times:
- Days start/end on Daily Reset time (10 UTC)
- Week's start/end at Daily Reset on Tuesday
- Months are from daily reset of the 1st day in a month to daily reset of 1st of next month.

We hope the new features will please you,
your RP Team.

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