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Rising Phoenix Guild close his doors.

2019-03-24 at 10:53 PM - Siver
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Hey guys,
we're very sorry to announce that we will disband our guild after a lot of consideration. The guild has been quite inactive over the last few months, while the guild-staff hasn't been able to focus much on the development of the guild. Sadly we don't find the time to work simultaneously on our website and on the guild.

Thus we decided to turn this server into a community server, accessible for everybody.

We're very grateful for all the effort and passion you guys put into this project and it has been such an amazing time with you friends.

Our homepage will still be running (as it's been paid for 2 years in advance already).

We still wish you a lot of fun with Pokeone and we'll hope to have some nice convo on out server and on the Pokeone server.


Your RP-Team

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