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Updates of the last two weeks.

Hello Pokeone Players! We at Rising Phoenix have gone quiet in the last few weeks and we apologize for that, we needed a small break. However we are back on course and happy to be involved in the community again. A lot has happened with some huge updates which will go into in further detail below. PvP ladder and Battle frontier has brought more exciting end-game content for players and we look forward to future updates.

The Antivirus issue has been addressed and there shouldn't be as many problems with this from now on. Just allow Pokeone and "whitelist" the folder and you should be able to play as normal. For other regions alot of small updates have been added and are being tested. These include SOS and Horde Battles which will be introduced in the future.

New A.I. has been added to the game which should make things a bit more challenging for players, also a bug with the new Power Items for EV training your Pokemon has been corrected and is now working perfectly which has made EV training much quicker than before.

Another bug which caused Hidden Ability Pokemon to be unable to use move tutors has also been fixed. This resulted in some illegal move combinations being allowed such as Unaware Clefable learning Soft-Boiled however this has also been fixed and anyone who learned the move in this time can't bring it to a PVP Ladder match. A small change has been added to the Battle View which allows spectators to see how many Pokemon have been fainted in on both sides which will help out observers and casters. A full set of PvP rules have also been added to ladder and the Anything Goes ladder hell has come to an end. It's going great and lots of players are enjoying it.

Just like every new feature, at the beginning there was small problems such as long loading times for the PvP Window, issues with Weekly Rewards and a bug which caused Spectators to join the battle, but the developers have been doing a great job and all of these problems have been corrected and the Ladder is working more smoothly than ever.

The Original Doubles mode which was a Co-op battle feature has been changed to the VGC style and Singles ladder has adopted the Smogon ruleset. Observers will no longer see the Battle buttons in PvP Battles, which will bring a better experience for viewers.

Finally you can now see your opponents Pokemon's HP in a percentage which makes for an easier time calculating damage and is one of many great Quality of Life improvements in recent weeks. In addition the Match Making System (MM) has been further developed and expanded, making it less exploitable.

Patch-Notes ∨∧

- PVP Weekly Ladder & Rewards fixed. Reset is Tuesday 10:00 AM UTC.
- PVP Health percent fixed.
- Fixed several USUM move learn sets.
- Tried to fix anti virus issues.
- Other minor fixes and improvements.
Also: Using TeamPreview KO mode should now also result in equal battles.

- bands should now give correct ev's in battle
- ha pokes can now learn tutor moves
- current progress stats in pvp window currently disabled to help with some lag issues. will return when properly fixed.

- Pokemon with Hidden Ability can no longer learn unoffical moves.
> Pokemon that previously learned such moves will keep them (for now), but can no longer participate in the PVP Ladder.
- Changes to Match-Making to prevent cheating some more.
- Fixed a bug that added spectator's to a PVP battle.
- Changed 2V2 Playlist to be 1V1 Doubles instead.
- Added some PVP Ladder Rules:
> No unoffical moves.
> No Endless Battles.
> Only 1 freeze at a time.
> Only 1 Sleep at a time.
> Only Different Hold Items.
> Only Different Species.
> Max 2 of same Ability.
> Banned Moves: Minimize, Double Team, Fissure, Guillotine, Horn Drill, Sheer Cold, Swagger, Baton Pass.
> Banned Abilities: Sand Veil, Snow Cloak, Moody, Shadow Tag, Arena Trap.
> Banned Pokemon: Mew, Aegislash.
- Minor other bug fixes and improvements.

- Ladder Stats still broken, but beeing worked on. They still work as usal though for the rewards
- Rules updated. Not sure if freeze clause should be in there, but the rules were handed like this to me so not my fuck up this time
Sand Veil and snow clock unbaned :ballot_box_with_check:
Mew unbaned :ballot_box_with_check:
Only 1 of the same items - removed
Max 2 of the same ability - removed
Baton pass - banned
Evasion move clause
Sleep clause [ working with rest ]
1hko clause
Swagger banned
Aegislash banned
Shadow tag, Arena Trap, moodie banned

Freeze clause is still active but will be gone when i next restart server. (not today)
2v2 has different rules as suggested by Crashr. You find em ingame
Also thanks to lucurryo and his friends to help with the 1v1 rules.

- Battles have pokeballs on the bottom right, so you can glance and see how much of your team is left
- Spectators have the 4 battle buttons hidden
- You can use mouse scroll wheel on the PvP rules
- PVP Windows will no longer sit there and spin the loading icon forever.. they will let you know if it times out, and tell you to try again later, and close.
- Scroll bar fixed on leaderboard
- fixed certain HA moves beeing banned in ladder when they were valid
- fixed 50 box pack giving incorrect amount of weekbuffs
- fixed ladder time for monthly lists
- fixed ladder performance issues
- current ranks in general tab should work again
- mew should now be obtainable for those who qualify
- added proper pokemon form system with all poke forms and alola pokes for future use.
- pokeone now released on switch console
- more improvements nobody can remember

- Added more Team Preview options (Mix & Choose X)
- PVP Ladder Re-Enabled and hopefully works now as expected.
- PVP Ladder Double's now uses "Choose 4" instead of "KO" Team Preview
- Added Rotation-Battle PVP & AI Battles System for future use.
- Also some preperations for SOS- and Horde Battles for future use.
- In multibattles, moves can now be canceled.

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