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Staff Major Tournament

The first big PokéOne Major PvP-Event goes in the Final Round with a stunning Pricepool of around 15 Million Pokédollar. It's finally time for our 8 participants to show, who's the better PvPer. We can't wait so see some intense Battle. If you want to know more, Click here.

Those following 8 players managed to eliminate their Opponents in the Qualifiers and move to the Finals: Laugh, Plato, Akalli, Dawn, Khevos, Mamathieu, PvpKitty and Wolve

Spiel Modus
The Mode of the Tournament will be Double Elimination. That means it will have a lower and upper bracket system. Anyone that loses a Match gets a 2nd Chance in the lower bracket, so he/she could potentially win the whole Tournament even if he/she loses the first match.

(That's just an example and not the final match up.)

Date and Time
Date of the Tournament:
29th/30th June 2019

Start of the Tournament:
03:00 GMT +10, SUNDAY
01:00 GMT +8, SUNDAY
19:00 GMT +2, SATURDAY
18:00 GMT + 1, SATURDAY


The Winner

Important Links:
Twitch - PokéOneCommunity
Youtube - PokéOneCommunity

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