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Mobile Client for Smartphones and Tablets

PokeOne is now available as a beta client for your smartphone and/or tablet. Here you can find out how to get the app to your device, what you need for it and what you need to know so far as well as the link to our analysis video of the app

PokeOne is now available for your mobile devices!

First to the points you need to make it work!
1. a device that has an Android based operating system (at least 7.0 nougat or higher)
2. 4 GB free storage
3. 1 GB RAM free!

The software can be downloaded as .apk from PokeOne Discord. You can find this here PokeOne Discord

In addition, you must allow installation from external sources on your device.
Instructions for Android Oreo can be found here: Allow external sources. Otherwise Google will be happy to help you . Simply enter your device and add behind it "... allow installation from external sources".

After that you only have to start the installation and then you can delete the .apk file to free up space

We have already tested the app. You can get a corresponding analysis from us here

We wish you a lot of fun with PokeOne 2Go on your mobile devices!

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  • 2019-10-08
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    Posts: 2

    when will it be available for ios?

  • 2020-02-23
    Location: -

    Posts: 67

    never :(

  • 2019-10-29
    Location: -

    Posts: 1

    The client for phones is missing

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