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The PokéOne community now has its own FORUM.

New feature on PokéOne Community is ready. The last weeks Octalon has been working on a new forum for our homepage. It is now ready and we can publish it. Have fun using it.

The new forum can be found under the button Home in the Navi list. Anyone can look at the posts but to post them you have to be logged in. As you can see on the picture below.

Why create a forum when there are already many PokéOne Discord servers?

We asked ourselves this question before the project because the idea didn't come from us but from the community from time to time. Cutebun took care of it and asked us directly if we could please create something like this. Since there were many aspects that spoke for it.

-Topics can be discussed better.
-Collect community in one place and not in 100 different discords for example for trades/guilds
-Better to Edit Post With Pictures Videos and Much More
-Topics do not disappear as easily as in the Discord. Since Discord is much more fast-moving
and a few more.

We invite everyone to join the Pokeone community here to share cool experiences with or without PokéOne and have fun writing.

your PokéOne Community Team!

P.S THE Forum Ranks are forever

Link: Forum Link

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    Is it still available? the link says i dont have permission?

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