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Happy Easter

Today the Easter Event was announced in PokeOne. In Kanto, Johto and Unova 16 Alolan eggs will be hidden (5 in kanto, 5 in johto und 6 in Unova) which have to be found. It should start on 11.04.20 and run until about 14th or 15th.

Great, we at PokéOne Community are looking forward to the event. It was again a very good decision to take Alolan Pokemon. There are some strong PvP Pokemon under there, and they are very popular.

We already got the tip because it is not easy to find all 16 eggs as many are in very unusual places. We can easily do this together as a community!

The first one who find all 16 eggs is published wide on the server and wins a Hidden Ability Week Buff. We wish you all good luck and fun.

The developers of PokéOne have also added another Pokemon to catch the Battle Frontier Park in a separate area.

Bunnelby and Skrelp will be catchable over the Easter event as normal entcounter.

Here a Video Guide to all Eggs:

Comments: 2
  • 2020-04-14
    Location: -

    Posts: 1

    Hi all, why when clicking on an egg does it just go "what's this? an egg?" and then not actually allow me to take it and repeats the message? Am i doing something wrong? 

  • 2021-01-28
    Location: -

    Posts: 191

    u need to finish the region to take one :)

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