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Halves the Pokémon's Attack and Sp. Atk stats when its HP becomes half or less.
Boosts the Pokémon's Attack stat sharply when its stats are lowered.
Contact with the Pokémon may inflict poison, sleep, or paralysis on its attacker.
When it enters a battle, the Pokémon can check an opposing Pokémon's held item.
Doubles the Pokémon's weight.
The Pokémon's proud of its powerful pincers. They prevent other Pokémon from lowering its Attack stat.
Passes through the opposing Pokémon's barrier, substitute, and the like and strikes.
By floating in the air, the Pokémon receives full immunity to all Ground-type moves.
Boosts its Speed stat if hit by an Electric-type move, instead of taking damage.
All moves used by or against a Pokémon with this Ability cannot miss. It also allows Pokémon to be hit during the semi-invulnerable turn of Fly, Bounce, Dive, Dig, Shadow Force, Sky Drop, and Phantom Force. If a K.O.-Move is used by or against the Pokémon it will also hit.
The only attacks, that are affected by this Ability in multibattles, are likewise either used by or against the Pokémon.

Outside of battle
Outside of battle, if a Pokémon with No Guard is in the first place in the party (even if fainted), the wild Pokémon encounter rate increases by 50%.
Other Cells gather to aid when its HP becomes half or less. Then the Pokémon changes its form to Complete Forme.
Gives priority to a status move.
Protects the Pokémon from recoil damage.
Boosts the power of Rock-, Ground-, and Steel-type moves in a sandstorm.
Boosts the Pokémon's Speed stat in a sandstorm.
The Pokémon summons a sandstorm when it enters a battle.
Boosts the Pokémon's evasion in a sandstorm.
Boosts the Attack stat if hit by a Grass-type move, instead of taking damage.
If Wishiwashi is level 20 or higher, at the start of battle or the end of a turn, if its HP is above 25%, it will change into its School Form. At the end of the turn, if its HP is below 25%, it will change back to its Solo Form.

Role Play, Gastro Acid, Worry Seed, Simple Beam, and Entrainment fail if the target has the Ability Schooling. Skill Swap fails if either Pokémon has Schooling. Schooling cannot be copied by Trace, Power of Alchemy, or Receiver. Schooling cannot be replaced by Mummy or suppressed by Core Enforcer. If a Pokémon other than Wishiwashi obtains Schooling with Imposter or Transform, the Pokémon will not change forms.
The Pokémon can hit Ghost-type Pokémon with Normal- and Fighting-type moves.