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Mind Blown

Type Mind Blown inflicts damage, and the user takes damage equal to half of its maximum HP rounded up (unless it has Magic Guard). Mind Blown cannot be used when a Pokémon with the Ability Damp is on the field.

The user of Mind Blown will take damage even if the target is protected from it, if it hits a substitute, if the move misses, or if the target has Flash Fire. If Mind Blown fails due to there being no targets (i.e. if all Pokémon in range fainted before the move was used), the user does not take damage.

Rock Head and Reckless do not affect Mind Blown. If the user has Parental Bond in a Single Battle, the HP loss occurs after the first hit, and the second hit will only occur if neither Pokémon has fainted as a result. There is no additional HP loss for the second hit in that case. The user loses if all of the last Pokémon faint in the same turn as the result of using Mind Blown.
Z-Move Base Power: 200
Power 150
Acc. 100%
PP. 5