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Nickname Message Date
Vanhalen I dont recive a verificaron mail 2020-07-01
Syn I dont get my activation email and i cant login to the game 2020-06-30
AquaOcelot I dont receive a verification mail too 2020-06-30
t0mas12 no me llega el codigo de inicio de secion en el juego que hago? 2020-06-21
Wajili le me in too 2020-06-20
Siver download game, istall, and play 2020-06-19
aashish12345 HOW DO I PLAY IT 2020-06-19
Dhenner como faço pra apagar minha conta? 2020-06-17
sangdf576 2020-06-17
GrumbernBier I dont receive a verification mail :'( 2020-06-16
nicholas64 Criei o perfil mas não consigo logar 2020-06-16
iceangel68 i make a new profile but i cant login in the game 2020-06-14
Siver homepage is fanmade u need register ingame 2020-06-14
Astral even when I try to change my password, i get no email letting me do so 2020-06-13
Astral let me in 2020-06-13
Astral I made an account, and im putting in the right name and password, but it wont le 2020-06-13
Astral I need help 2020-06-13
Siver please pm me with your username and e-mail 2020-06-12
Maze Scotty My verification code hasn't sent 2020-06-12
RodrigoZL verification code? 2020-06-12