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Nickname Message Date
Phycoatl I can't enter Halloween event :c There says lvl 80 but in which region? 2020-09-27
Pichu123fjjh I cant play 2020-09-27
Rohan I didn't get a verification email 2020-09-25
SilverSoul YEIIII 2020-09-25
ZeroESL i cannot connect 2020-09-23
Cunninglinguist The Unova entry prerequisites is right on the starting screen of the game -.- 2020-09-22
36xx server locked? 2020-09-22
Aroeira hey 2020-09-20
RedKuma Hello, can anybody tell me how i get the quest for Unova? 2020-09-16
SirRuka I didnt get my verify email :( 2020-09-15
kobebean824 yes 2020-09-15
EsDeath i created an account but cant log in 2020-09-13
Siver yes 2020-09-10
Cunninglinguist Sevii Incoming? :O 2020-09-08
dark_ice017 como entro ?? 2020-09-05
rurucheroso não consigo acessar, não chega nenhum email para confirmar conta 2020-09-01
Inner just solved, create a new account by the client not the website it works. 2020-08-27
Inner me too, i cant login, just made the account 2020-08-27
LikeBlackStar i get the notification that its a wrong name or password 2020-08-27
LikeBlackStar i just made an account with a gmail account and u cant log in into the launcher 2020-08-27