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Nickname Message Date
Siver fanmade page register ingame 2020-04-07
Guiller Umm I create a acc now but cant log in the server is off? 2020-04-07
KurumiYatogami Cant log in either lmao 2020-04-07
zackgreen why the hell cant i log into the game 2020-04-07
zarro88 hi 2020-04-06
Siver forum is the best place for questions 2020-04-06
LigerZer0 can i ask something? 2020-04-06
Incineroarr Hi 2020-04-06
RussHobbs Hello 2020-04-06
Vasu Android 2020-04-04
Vasu I cannot sign in in game 2020-04-04
Redplay Xans 2020-04-03
arm654654 Can chang name ingame? 2020-04-03
Siver please all question into the forum 2020-04-01
Professor Oak how to change account password? 2020-04-01
LordIbrahim i can´t log in to the game? 2020-04-01
MrBurns Exelent 2020-04-01
Siver website is fanmade u need to register ingame 2020-03-30
Bertonez18xe i cant log in it says username or password incorrect but i can login on website 2020-03-30
Siver For all question we have a new Forum 2020-03-30