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Azure Rockblue

Nickname Azure Rockblue
In-Game Nick
Name Hermy
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Hi there! I'm Hermy, an artist/writer and videogame enthusiast from Portugal.

I've loved the Pokémon anime since I was little and first jumped into the games with Sapphire back when I was in elementary school. Since then I've cleared Emerald, FireRed, White2, X, Alpha Sapphire, Sun, Ultra Moon and Sword. I also started SoulSilver, Black and Let's Go Eevee, but haven't finished them so far, and I've been waiting for the Sinnoh remakes! I also play Pokémon GO sometimes.

I usually play using the names and appearances of my Trainer characters, all of which have types/themes:

Azure Rockblue ∨∧

Veteran Trainer
Favors Water and Flying-type Pokémon.
Hi there! I'm Azure and this is my buddy Maru. We're traveling to see all sorts of different Pokémon!

Azure was raised among a circus troupe as a child, training to become an acrobat himself. Used to never staying in just one place, he eventually chose to become a Trainer and left the troupe to explore the world on his own. He has since taken part in Pokémon Leagues across several regions together with Maru the Azumarill, his first Pokémon he's raised since he was only a tiny Azurill.

He has a competitive but friendly personality, and tends to poke his nose into all sorts of things. His black cap was allegedly stolen from Team Rocket and kept as a trophy/souvenir.

In the Ultra world, he is a 10 year old beginner trainer who just moved to Alola. Has good intentions, but often comes to really silly conclusions. His compulsive optimism has led Ultra world Jasper to look out for him.

Rose Grant ∨∧

Grass, Poison and Fairy are her favorite types.
The sharper a rose's thorns, the more beautiful it becomes. Be it in beauty or sharpness, we don't intend to lose!

Raised within the same circus troupe as Azure, the two are childhood friends and also a couple. She's a specialist when it comes to strategic battling but also adores Contests. Her dream is to be a Gym Leader one day. Her starter was a Budew which has since evolved into a beautiful Roserade.

She's lively and witty, and spends most of her time camping so she can be close to Nature. Jasper is her younger cousin.

In the Ultra world, she's an aspiring Assistant to Professor Kukui. While she's still studying, she does odd jobs for him across Alola.

Jasper Grant ∨∧

Prefers Psychic, Ghost and Dark Pokémon.
Fine, do whatever you like. Just don't get in my way. And please teach your Pokémon that saying those things isn't nice. ...Oh, right, you can't hear it...

Being 4 years younger than Azure or Rose, he had to stay behind with the troupe as the two of them left on their respective journeys. Having nobody close to his age around, he turned to Pokémon. A couple years later, his psychic powers awakened. He was able to levitate small objects and could telepathically communicate with Pokémon, but instead of being excited about it he was terrified and isolated himself from Pokémon and people alike. When Azure finally came back to visit the troupe, Jasper had become a gloomy and reclusive boy with little interest in anything. However, upon learning that Azure had made it big in several regional Leagues, he was filled with spite and decided to try his hand at it with a small male Espurr by his side.

He's cynical and snarky, but deep down actually cares about his human and Pokémon friends. Has trouble expressing his emotions and often comes across as having a big ego. In reality, he struggles with self-esteem. Rose is his older cousin, and he sees Azure as his rival and a "no-good adult".

In the Ultra world, Jasper is a 16 year old Team Skull grunt who unwillingly ends up babysitting young Azure.

Kayleigh Regis ∨∧

Specializes in Dog Pokémon
Name's Kayleigh, pronounced 'kay-lee'. I'm a Pokémon Trainer - the ruffest around these parts! If it's a battle you want, you've come to the right girl.

A spritely girl from Galar who loves canine Pokémon. With her flaming red hair and vivid green eyes, her appearance stands out almost anywhere she goes. She is Azure's apprentice and the two exchange mail somewhat often. Azure signed her Letter of Endorsement in his quality as an experienced trainer who proved himself across many regions. She wants to take the Gym Challenge in order to learn even more about Pokémon and impress Azure.

Kayleigh is hyperactive and very competitive, always looking to push herself further as a trainer alongside her Pokémon. Surprisingly, despite her brash disposition, she's an incredibly patient and capable cook. Her favorite way to spend time is in the great outdoors, playing with her dog Pokémon and teaching them fun tricks.

Her lifelong rival is Alastor, a boy from Wedgehurst who raises solely cat Pokémon.

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